Which Muscle-Which Equipment

Which Muscle-Which Equipment by Scott Jameson

If you are a newbie to the gym, all the equipment may look confusing. Now I am sure over time, you can watch others use the equipment and get the hang of how to use it but not necessarily will you know when to use it. In other words which muscle group are benefiting.

You see, most workouts consist of focusing on one muscle at a time. Generally you should not do one exercise for chest, followed by an exercise for legs and then followed by an exercise for back. It just doesn’t maximize the intensity of your workout. You should perform the entire workout on a given body part or muscle group before moving to the next.

Okay, so which exercises hit which muscle groups? I will detail that out below but keep in mind this is a shopping list that you choose. Also, this list is not all encompassing. I'm sure I could add a dozen more exercises but I will just list some of the basics. Also I will not list the machines for the specific muscle groups below. The machines are self defining. BUT you should add some of those machines to your routine. By the way some of these exercises can be seen in pictorial format under the link, Training Photos. Here goes the basics:

Flat Bench Press-Barbell
Incline Bench Press-Barbell
Decline Bench Press-Barbell
Dumbbell flies with flat, incline or decline bench
Standing Cable Crossover Flies

Wide Grip Pull Ups using body weight (hands forward)
Wide Grip Seated Cable Pull down
T bar rows
Bent over barbell rows
Seated Cable Row
One arm dumbbell rows

Seated Bench Barbell Presses
Seated Bench Dumbbell Presses
Side lateral flies-Dumbbells
Front Alternating flies- Dumbbells
Seated bent over (chest on legs) flies –Dumbbells
Barbell Shrugs
Dumbbell Shrugs

Barbell Curls- straight bar or E Z bar
Dumbbell Curls Standing or Seated
Preacher Bench Barbell or Dumbbell curls
Standing Cable curls
One Arm Concentration Curls
Alternate Dumbbel Curls

Skull Crushers (got to love this name, 20 years ago it was call lying French press). Ask someone how to do Skull Crushers. Barbell is usually the E Z bar
Dips- Like a gymnast, the body on parallel bars dipping up and down.
Cable Tricep pushdowns
Bent Over Tricep kick backs
Close grip bench press (hits inside of chest too)
Behind the Head One Arm Extensions

Forward Forearm curls
Reverse Forearm curls

Sit ups
Leg lifts
Side twists

I am going to break my rule here and mention machines for legs since many have become so basic and necessary to great leg workout.

Legs- Quadriceps
Squats- Barbell behind head
Front Squats- Barbell in front of heads
Lunges with Dumbbells in hands
Leg Extension Machine
Hack Squat Machine
Leg Press Machine in umpteen varieties

Legs- Hamstrings
Stiff legged dead lift (stretches hamstrings) Barbell normally
Leg Curl Machine

Standing Calf with Dumbbells (on block)
Standing Calf Machine
Seated Calf Machine

Here you go. Act like pro when you hit the gym confidently knowing what you are doing.

Training Photo

Seated Dumbbell Curls

Alternate Standing Dumbbell Curls

One Arm Concentration Curls

Standing Barbell Curls

Standing E-Z Barbell Curls

Bent Over E-Z Barbell Curls

Double Bicep Pose

One Arm Hammer Curls

One Arm Cable Curls

Cable Pushdowns

Bent Over Tricep Kickbacks

One Arm Behind the Head Extensions

One Arm Tricep Extension-Alternate View

Two Arm Tricep Extension-Alternate View

EZ Bar Standing- Behind the Head Extensions

Forward Forearm Curls

Reverse Forearm Curls

Seated Cable Rows

Flat Bench Chest Flies

Seated Dumbbel Presses

Alternating Front Deltoid Flies

Bent Over Rear Deltoid Dumbbell Flies

Standing Side Lateral Deltoid Flies

Standing Dumbbell Shrugs for Traps




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